What We Do

Supreme First Aid Training provides all Health & Safety training courses. We also specialize in drafting and implementation of Health & Safety file.

Supreme First Aid Training now offers Safety Officers assistance in any project.


Vision Statement

To establish competency and impart knowledge of this life skill within the business environment by providing theoretical and practical training at a market related price.

Mission Statement

To support and meet the Government’s requirements with Health and Safety in workplace and as a result, providing a unique training solution.


Alignment & Accountability

We accept responsibility for our actions. We make and support business decisions through experience and good judgment.


We are flexible, helping team members who strike a healthy work and life balance.

Passion For Results

We show pride, enthusiasm and dedication in everything that we do. We are committed to delivering high quality services.

Customer Service Excellence

We are dedicated to satisfying customer needs and honoring the commitments that we have made to them.

Community & Environment

We strive to help and improve the communities where we work and live. We are concerned about the environment and promote the use of recyclable products and renewable energy.


We treat our team members, customers, partners and suppliers with mutual respect and sensitivity, recognizing the importance of diversity. We respect all individuals and value their contributions.


Our team is supportive of each others efforts, loyal to one another, and care for each other both personally and professionally.


We act with honesty and integrity, not compromising the truth.

Open Communication

All team members are encouraged to openly share their opinions and views.


Our goal with our training is to expand our portfolio by enriching not only the learner’s with the knowledge and skills needed, but also to open doors to other avenues of employment. This training will be suitable to those individuals who would like to complete a Skills Program, or start with a career in Health and Safety. Our focus is on learner development through the importation of knowledge and life skills.

Business Strategy

The following critical strategies will be pursued by Supreme Safety Training:

  • Provide an efficient work environment, treating each other with respect and dignity.
  • Apply High-quality standards of excellence to all business processes.
  • Develop enthusiastically satisfied customers all of the time.
  • Contribute positively to our communities and our environment.

Economic Intent

It is Supreme First Aid Training’s intent to position the company as a quality and satisfactory training provider that results in profitability.

Business Concept

The business theory will revolve around the need to provide quality training to our target customers, in the process fully satisfying their needs. This will be achieved through the accreditation of all courses by the HWSETA, as well as complying with the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 as enforced by the Department of Labour.

Business Competitiveness

There are a number of companies offering the same services as Supreme First Aid Training.

Listed below are some of our competitive advantages:

  • We intend to accredit our courses with HWSETA in order that our courses are widely recognized and accepted
  • Register with the American Heart Association
  • Service excellence
  • Fully trained, friendly facilitators who incorporates facilitation methods and practices into their training to promote learner participation and teamwork, quality and satisfactory training
  • A free refresher first aid course is held every 3 months for learners in possession of a valid Supreme Safety Training certificate.

Target Group Summary

The Health and Safety courses presented by Supreme Safety Training could assist different role-players and stakeholders in dealing with Health and Safety issues in the workplace as required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Individuals and groups who need OHS training:

  • Businesses in general
  • Factories
  • Power Stations
  • Mines
  • ECD Practitioners
  • People responsible for the care and safety of children
  • Business in Construction
  • Sport clubs
  • sport administrators
  • etc.

Service Pledge

Supreme First Aid Training is committed towards quality and satisfactory training whereby its activities are undertaken ethically, transparently, and in the interest of all learners doing our training courses.


We Offer The Following Courses

Articulated Dump Truck (Novice)5 Days26274521046
Articulated Dump Truck ( Recertification)1 Day26274521046
Agricultural Tractor (Novice)3 Days2628042846
Agricultural Tractor (Recertification)1 Day2628042846
Basic Fire Fighting (Novice & Recertification)1 Day252250*NCB412
Continuous Risk Assessment (Novice & Recertification1 Day12033034412
Confined Space Entry2 Days150343*NCB412
Convey Dangerous Goods by Road2 Days12325934412
Conduct, Report and Follow up on a pre-use, safety and/or audit inspection (Novice)2 Days12033335412
Conduct, Report and Follow up on a pre-use, safety and/or audit inspection (Recertification)1 Day12033335412
Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of HIV/AIDS in a workplace (Novice & Recertification)1 Day1391534412
Excavator (Novice)5 Days26274421546
Excavator (Recertification)1 Day26274421546
Fall Arrest Techniques when Working @ Heights (Novice)3 Days2299981248
Fall Arrest Techniques when Working @ Heights (Recertification)1 Day22999812412
First Aid NQF Level 1 (Novice)2 Days11956715412
First Aid NQF Level 1 (Recertification)1 Day11956715412
First Aid NQF Level 2 (Novice)3 Days12049625412
First Aid NQF Level 2 (Recertification)1 Day12049625412
Front End Loader (Novice)5 Days26274721246
Font End Loader (Recertification)1 Day26274721248
Grader (Novice)5 Days26273521546
Grader (Recertification)1 Day26273521546
Hand Tool Safety1 Day11974428412
Health & Safety Representative (She Rep)2 Days25926223412
Incident Investigation1 Day25961723412
Install, use and perform basic rescues from fall arrest systems and implement the fall protection plan (Novice)2 Days2299952348
Install, use and perform basic rescues from fall arrest systems and implement the fall protection plan (Novice)1 Day22999523412
Legal Liability1 Day12034444412
Lift Truck (Forklift) (Novice)5 Days80383644
Lift Truck (Forklift) (RPL)3 Days80383644
Lift Truck (Forklift) (Recertification)1 Day80383644
Mobile Elevated Work Platform (Novice)2 Days24327221044
Mobile Elevated Work Platform (Recertification)1 Day24327221046
Maintain Occupational Health, Safety and general Housekeeping1 Day801638412
OHS Principles regarding movement of people and materials in a workplace1 Day12032537412
OHS Management Programme1 Day25960122412
Overhead Crane (Novice)5 Days803931044
Overhead Crane (Recertification)1 Day803931044
Power Tool Safety1 Day1221926412
Rigging & Slinging (Novice)2 Days1470624412
Rigging & Slinging (Recertification)1 Day1470624412
Scaffold Erectors (Novice)2 Days96722546
Scaffold Erectors (Recertification)1 Day96722548
Scaffold Inspectors1 Day243035-*NCB48
Skid Steer Loader (Novice)5 Days2627122844
Skid Steer Loader (Recertification)1 Day2627122844
Tractor Operator (Novice)5 Days2628042846
Tractor Operator (Recertification)1 Day2628042848
Truck Mounted Crane (Novice)5 Days803931044
Truck Mounted Crane (Recertification)1 Day803931044
Tracked Dozer (Novice)5 Days26272921546
Tracked Dozer (Recertification)1 Day26272921548
Water Cart (Novice)5 Days2627642846
Water Cart (Recertification)1 Day2627642848
Wheeled Dozer (Novice)5 Days26271321246
Wheeled Dozer (Recertification)1 Day26271321248

Less than 4 trainees – Daily Rate will apply. Travel charged per kilometre.
*NCB – Courses are Unit Standard Aligned, Non-Credit bearing.

Available Skills Programmes

First Aid NQF Level 12 Days11956715
First Aid NQF Level 22 Days12049625
Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of HIV/AIDS in a workplace (Novice & Recertification)1 Day1391534

OHS Management Programme1 Day25960122
Health & Safety Representative (She Rep)2 Days25926223
Continuous Risk Assessment1 Day12033034
OHS Principles regarding movement of people and materials in a workplace1 Day12032537
Conduct, Report and Follow up on a pre-use, safety and/or audit inspection2 Days12033335
Legal Liability1 Day12034444

Explain basic health and safety principles in and around the workplace1 Day25963924
Health & Safety Representative (She Rep)2 Days25926223
Continuous Risk Assessment1 Day12033034
Apply health and safety to a work area1 Day996423
Demonstrate basic understanding of the procedure for submission of compensation claims for injuries and occupational diseases2 Days25961022
Conduct an investigation into workplace safety, health and environmental incidents1 Day25961723
Verify compliance to safety, health and environmental requirements in the workplace2 Days25960424
Explain emergency preparedness and response procedures1 Day25959723
Perform basic life support and first aid procedures2 Days11956715
Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of HIV/AIDS in a workplace1 Day1395134

Available Qualifications

HW Seta74269National Certificate: Occupational Health, Safety and Environment
HW Seta79806National Certificate : Occupational Hygiene & Safety
MerSeta57881National Certificate: Welding Application & Practice2158
MerSeta57886National Certificate: Welding Application & Practice3151
MerSeta57887National Certificate: Welding Application & Practice4158
ServicesSeta50080FETC: Project Management4136
ServicesSeta23833National Certificate : Business Administration Services2130
ServicesSeta67465National Certificate : Business Administration Services3120
ServicesSeta49648National Certificate : New Venture Creation (SMME)2138
ServicesSeta57937GETC : Hygiene & Cleaning1120
ServicesSeta58344FETC : Administration Management4150
ServicesSeta74630FETC : Generic Management; General Management4150
ServicesSeta59201National Certificate : Generic Management5162
CetaSeta65789National Certificate : Construction Plant Operations2120


A 50% deposit or full payment is required before course commencement. If 50% is paid, full payment is required before any certificates are issued. If payment is made via EFT, please send PoP to email address admin@supremesafety.co.za or bring along on day of course.

Please use the application form below or download the pdf above.


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082 419 0465

Charmaine van Niekerk

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